Palus Knight


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    Palus Knight

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    1. Speak to Master Virgil in Gludio Castle Town. He will ask you to go hunt some Lycanthropes.

    2. Lycanthrope can be found here, around the Neutral Zone.

    Hunt them until you collect all 13 Lycanthrope Skulls, then return to Virgil.

    3. Master Virgil now asks you to travel to Gludin Harbor Town, and speak to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta.

    4. Kalinta will ask you to hunt some spiders...

    5. The spiders you want, are found just south of Gludin.

    Hunt Arachnid Trackers for 5 Trimden Silk and Poison Spiders for Predator's Carapaces, then return to Kalinta.


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