Scavanger - Trial Of The Guildsman


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    Scavanger - Trial Of The Guildsman

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    Things you need before starting the quests:
    -- 7 x Steel
    -- 70 x Varnish
    -- 70 x Crystals - D Grade


    1.1 Giran Castle Town - Warehouse Keeper Valkon (Warehouse) = Start Quest #1. Earn: Valkon's Recommendation. (2,000a Fee)

    1.2 Execution Grounds = Hunt Mandragora Blossom until Mandragora Berry drops. (DropRate: 100%)

    1.3 Talking Island - Blacksmith Altran (Town Center) = Earn: Recipe: Journeyman Ring, Altran's Recommend1, Altran's Recommend2, Altran's Instructions (Disappear: Mandragora Berry, Valkon's Recommendation).

    1.5 Gludio Castle Town - Blacksmith Pinter (Blacksmith) = Asks you to hunt Worker Ants at Wastelands for Amber Beads. Earn: Recipe: Amber Bead, Pinter's Instructions (Disappear: Altran's Recommend2).


    1.6 Wastelands = Hunt Ant, Ant Captain, Ant Overseers until you collect Amber Lump. Use the Recipe: Amber Bead to create 5 Amber Beads per Amber Lump (Tip: If you Craft Amber Beads during hunt, thence on both Amber Beads and Amber Lump drops), and eventually collect 70 Amber Beads this way. Escape back to Gludio when done. (DropRate: 25-30%)

    -- Scavengers only need to hunt for Amber Beads.

    1.7 Gludio Castle Town - Blacksmith Pinter (Blacksmith) = Return 70 Amber Beads. Earn: Journeyman Deco Beads(7) (Disappear: Amber Bead(70), Recipe: Amber Bead).

    1.8. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Norman in Gludin Village he will give you the Norman's Receipt.

    1.9 Hunter's Village - Blacksmith Duning (Blacksmith) = Asks you to hunt Breka Orcs for keys. Earn: Duning's Instructions (Disappear: Norman's Receipt).

    1.10 Giran = Hunt Breka Orc, Breka Orc Archer, Breka Orc Warrior, Breka Orc Shaman, Breka Orc Overlord until you Earn: 30 Duning's Key (Disappear: Duning's Instructions). (DropRate: 25-35%)

    1.11 Hunter's Village - Blacksmith Duning (Blacksmith) = Tells you to take the keys to Norman at Gludin.

    1.12 Gludin Village - Warehouse Keeper Norman (Warehouse) = Tells you to collect 70 Gray Bone Powder, 70 Granite Whetstones, 70 Red Pigment, 70 Braided Yarn. Earn: Norman's List (Disappear: Duning's Key, Norman's Instructions).

    1.13 Execution Ground = Hunt Ghoul, Strain, Granite Golem, Dead Seeker until you collect 70 each of Gray Bone Powder, Granite Whetstones and Red Pigment. (DropRate: 100%, 2x per kill)

    -- Red Pigment -from- Dead Seeker

    -- Gray Bone Powder -from- Ghoul, Strain

    -- Granite Whetstones -from- Granite Golem

    1.14 Hunt Silenos until you collect 70 Braided Yarn. (DropRate: 100%, 2x per kill) Head back to EG and Escape.

    1.15 Gludin Village - Warehouse Keeper Norman (Warehouse) = Earn: Journeyman Gem(7) (Disappear: Gray Bone Powder, Granite Whetstone, Red Pigment, Braided Yarn). -- Craft 7 Journeyman Ring with Recipe. -- Make sure you also have: 7 x Steel, 70 x Varnish, 70 x Crystals - D Grade.

    1.16 FINISH Giran Castle Town - Warehouse Keeper Valkon = He asks a final question, unsure what happens if you choose the "rude" answer. Smile Earn: Mark of Guildsman, 32,000XP, 3,900SP (Disappear: Journeyman Ring, Altran's Instructions, Recipe: Journeyman Ring).



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