Human Warrior


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    Human Warrior

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    The path to Human Warrior may begin at level 19, but new skills will not be available until you reach level 20. The quest begins in Gludin.

    1. Travel to the North side of Gludin where you will find Master Auron in the trainers building adjacent to the Church. Speak to Master Auron and receive Auron' Letter. He instructs you to talk to Trader Simplon.

    2. Now you must travel to Gludio Castle Town where you will find Trader Simplon in the weapons shop. Give Trader Simplon the letter from Master Auron. Trader Simplon will give you a Warrior's Guild Mark.

    Place to go is Ruins of Agony, ignore bugged text.

    3. Trader Simplon gives you the task of collecting 10 Rusted Bronze Swords. To do this you must travel to the northwest walled area of the Ruins of Agony, which is west of Gludio, and kill level 17 Tracker Skeletons and level 18 Tracker Skeleton Leaders.

    4. Once you have collected the 10 Rusted Bronze Swords deliver them to Trader Simplon. He will gladly take the swords and the Warrior's Guild Mark, and in return you will receive a Rusted Bronze Sword and Simplon's Letter. Trader Simplon then instructs you to take the new Rusted Bronze Sword and the letter to Master Auron.

    5. Travel back to Gludin and speak with Master Auron. He will take Simplon's Letter, as well as the Rusted Bronze Sword, and turn the sword into a useable item. He instructs you to kill level 18 Poison Spiders or Arachnid Trackers until you have collected 20 Poison Spider Legs.

    Trimden = Arachnid Tracker.

    6. You will find the Poison Spiders just south of Gludin. Be sure to bring plenty of soulshots, healing potions, and antidotes for the poison. The Rusted Bronze Sword is very weak, but MUST be used to kill the spiders. Once you have collected 20 Poison Spider Legs, travel back to Gludin to speak to Master Auron again.

    7. Deliver the 20 Poison Spider Legs to Master Auron. For your great accomplishment he rewards you with the Medallion of Warriors. He instructs you to speak with Grandmaster Ramos (or any Human Grandmaster will do) when you are level 20 to become a warrior.


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